History of the Greater Marshall Memorial Baptist Church

The Greater Marshall Memorial Baptist Church was organized in this community as the Progressive Baptist Church by the late Rev. W. H. Marshall on February 17, 1952. There were six members in the church's organization.


One of the first worship places was a garage across the street on Northeast 16th Street. Later the congregation moved to some lots on Northeast 17th Street where Rev. Marshall erected a one-room structure, which was used during the winter months.


Rev. Marshall began construction on the first church building in 1953, on the same lots in which the building stands today, and made improvements on the building from time to time until we had a modest and comfortable place to worship. During that time, Rev. Marshall was also the pastor of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church located at 612 N. Massachusetts, a church that he organized and built in 1937.


As a builder of buildings and of souls, Rev. Marshall worked untiringly, but he was limited in time and finance. When the Lord called him home on January 10, 1964, he had not been able to fulfill his dream of the type of edifice he thought the Lord's house should be. His funeral was the first to be held in the church that he had organized, built, and pastored.


Thereafter the late Rev. Moses Howard, Sr., was called in May 1964 to continue the pastorage of the Progressive Baptist Church. When Rev. Howard took over the pastorage, as a memorial to Rev. Marshall, the church's name was change in August 1964 from “Progressive” to “Greater Marshall Memorial.”


Rev. Howard, Sr., was a man of God and a true leader because he was a true follower of the Holy Spirit. Although he was ill for many years, he never failed to carry out God's program as he felt God willed it to be.


As a result of our continued progress, the need of a new building became evident. Pastor Howard, Sr., called for a week of Special Prayer in the fall of 1968, to ask the Lord's guidance in financing a new building. He was directed by the Holy Spirit to use the Bond Program, which proved very successful.


We had our Entrance Services on June 22, 1969, followed by a week of Thanksgiving Prayer and our Dedicatory Services.


Pastor Howard, Sr.'s main endeavor as a Pastor was to teach the Word of God. He was constant and consistent in stressing the Bible's method of financing the church through tithes and offerings. The Bond Program has been the only other means of helping to finance the church.


On June 7, 1975, the Lord called Rev. Howard, Sr., home and Rev. Moses Howard, Jr., who had been serving as the Assistant Pastor, became the new Pastor. Under the direction of Rev. Moses Howard, Jr., we have continued to grow numerically, spiritually and financially. Our basic goals and principles have remained the same.


In Rev. Howard's program, he has constantly stressed witnessing, supporting foreign missions, and the study of God's Word. In keeping with the teaching of God's Word in 1980, Pastor Howard was led to start “The Moses Howard, Sr., Memorial Bible Institute.”


A witnessing team was organized, the “Go Team” (which means Get One each day). In 1982 the “Try Jesus” Radio Ministry began which was to encourage the unsaved to try Jesus in their lives. Because of the need for additional study in how to be a true disciple Pastor Howard started in-depth “Evangelism Classes”. In 1984, “The Children Church” Ministry began, services are held each Sunday just for the very young in heart.


Our Foreign Mission efforts include continued support for a Mission in Kerala, India, that Greater Marshall Memorial helped to build in 1973, and also monthly support to a Missionary serving in Haiti.


We humbly thank God for having blessed us so abundantly these past 61 years. We thank Him for giving us leaders who have followed the Lord, and for members who have cooperated in the programs that have been presented.


We endeavor to continue to be faithful to God's Will.